Good news, we found a super location next to Montgomery to open a new nursery from January 1, 2020!

Below some practical information about our new location:

The address of the new nursery will be ‘Avenue Tervueren 54, 1040 Etterbeek’ (current address is Avenue Tervueren 94). The location is located between Montgomery square and the parc ‘Cinquantenaire’. This nursery will be able to accommodate 39 children, divided over 3 living areas, between 7.30 and 18.30.
We welcome you in a charming completely renovated house with all comfort, easy access and a beautiful private garden. A spacious and safe buggy space will be provided at the entrance of the nursery.
Our experienced team of educators from our current location Babilou Tervueren moves with us, which guarantees stability.
Stay informed about your child during the day through our online application Bitcare.

Cost information

The daily rate is €53 per reserved day. (Payment is required on the reserved days, determined in the daycare contract. No payment is required during the collective closing of the crèche (3 weeks in the summer + 1 week in the winter.))
You pay 1.90 € per present day for the diapers (from a premium brand) and care products (diaper ointment, physiological water, perdolan, sun cream,…).


All parents are entitled to a discount of 3.43 € / day when your child was present in our nursery. This amount is refunded monthly to your account by a Flemish payer. More information regarding the growth package can be obtained on the following website.
If you pay taxes in Belgium, part of the cost of the nursery can be deducted for tax purposes (€ 14 / attendance day).
There is a possibility to reserve a place through the company (your own company or company of the employer) which entitles you to a discount of € 150 / month (you can find more details on this website).
For further questions, please contact us by phone or email.

Avenue de Tervuren 54 1040 ETTERBEEK

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